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Bedroom Chairs

They say it’s the finishing touches that really complete a living space, and we couldn’t agree more. Whether you are looking for something ornate, like our Lions Paw Stool, or something more on the Chaise Lounge end of the spectrum – we’ve got a range of handcrafted bedroom chairs for you.

Our pieces are beautiful additions to some of the furniture ranges we have in store, and no matter which style you have chosen for your bedroom, we have the perfect fit.

Here are some of the bedroom chairs that we have for you to choose from:

– Lions Paw Stool: handcrafted from mahogany with intricate detailing.
– Chaise Lounge: stately in design and stature, this bedroom and lounge chair excludes the fabric – we leave that final choice up to you.
– French Bedroom Stool: handcrafted mahogany feet ensure this bedroom chair always has a place. The final fabric choice is yours.
– Louis Chair: this bedroom chair is a statement piece for any space. Fabric choice is yours as the client – what an opportunity to create something spectacular together!
– Piano Stool Long: this piece is a showstopper for obvious reasons. Available in a smaller size, too.

The full Griffiths & Griffiths range includes a wide selection of gorgeous bedroom chairs. Browse now and find the perfect chair to complement the rest of your boudoir.