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Lifetime Achievement

Some furniture is merely purchased, but some must be earned. Explore our furniture collections right here at our furniture stop in Krameville, Johannesburg.

Timeless Elegance

Remarkable furniture takes weeks to create but years to acquire.

A House Becomes A Home With Good Lighting

Our online furniture store lets everyone know that the kitchen is at heart of the home, but the lounge is truly where the family comes together. Looking for lounge chairs? Click through our collection online now or you can visit our furniture shop in Krameville, Johannesburg - get directions on our contact page

Anyone Can Buy Anything From Anywhere

Developing your own sense of style and an eye for impeccable quality, it’s a different matter. That’s when you seek out furniture like ours.

Remarkable Furniture

Browse through our furniture online right now. Success is never an overnight affair. Neither is beautiful furniture. It is the wood, the skill, and the finishing.

Your Home Is Your Castle

It takes time to reach perfection and even longer to appreciate it. So when you have finally arrived, don’t be afraid to let your choice and style show that you have.

Bring Timeless Elegance Home With
Griffiths & Griffiths

Africa’s Premier Antique Replica Furniture Suppliers

Supplying fine furniture services and delivery throughout Africa for close to 40 years

Every home has a story. What’s yours?

At Griffiths & Griffiths, we believe a historical piece of furniture can infuse any room with a lifetime of legacy – whether it’s a treasured family heirloom, or an antique replica. Our solid mahogany pieces are inspired by the Georgian and Regency periods in the history of classical English furniture, and are hand-carved to the finest detail.

When beauty, heritage and function combine, the result is a timelessly elegant home that tells the tale of years gone by.

Let us help you write yours.

Your Home Is Your Castle,
Furnish It This Way

At Griffiths & Griffiths we’ve spent over three decades getting to understand what it is that makes furniture truly remarkable.

Our furniture takes weeks to create, but years to acquire.

Please take your time browsing through our extensive collections,
covering every aspect of your home. Be sure to add your requirements and preferences to your quote request.

Our exceptional service extends to all continents.







Achievements Such As Yours
Deserve A Special Kind Of Reward

Once you’ve reached a certain station in life, developed your own sense of style and an eye for impeccable quality,
that’s when you seek out furniture like ours.
It takes time and it doesn’t come easy. But the best things in this life never do.

This is immediately apparent the moment you walk through our showroom doors,
or take delivery of your first special piece of furniture.