About Us

We produce Solid Mahogany furniture influenced by the Georgian and Regency periods in Classical English furniture design. Every piece is Hand-Carved to perfection, and finished with Luxurious touches that result in an unmistakably grand feel. Proudly overseen by Gladys and Peter Griffiths, our production process achieves a level of detail that only their personal attention and passion for the industry could inspire.

Our furniture is rich in heritage. So is our story.

The story of Griffiths & Griffiths begins like all the best fairy tales do: in a humble garage, with a hard-working woman at the helm - and nothing but meticulous attention to detail and uncompromising standards as the heroes.

While raising three small children, Gladys Griffiths began to restore unique antique pieces in her garage for her friends and family. Her outstanding restoration talents were soon noticed, and in 1986 she opened the doors of “Restorers and Renovators”.

Over 35 years and a re-name later, Griffiths & Griffiths Heritage Furniture has become Africa’s Premier Supplier of Bespoke Antique Replica Furniture.

With her son, Peter Griffiths, beside her, Gladys has built an empire with international reach - the natural result of their products’ Quality and Luxurious finishes. Gladys and Peter believe that every home should have at least one historical piece of furniture at its heart: one that tells the tale of years gone by. Whether it’s a replica piece from Griffiths & Griffiths or a treasured family heirloom, their mutual vision is to transform homes into noteworthy spaces with their classical English furniture. With multiple successful interior design projects under their belts - including a Griffiths & Griffiths best-seller used to seat the President of South Africa in frequent TV features - we believe their vision has been realised.

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